To: The Student

From: A Proverbial Friend

Subject: You Are The Future.

I was once like you,
Always lost
Na´ve to reality
All dressed up, with no where to go

I was like you
The same dreams
Same hopes
I loved and hated
Played and got played in return

Yet I gave up the
Dreams that were born from hopes
And let the banality of tomorrow get me today

Now I'm like every other poor schmuck in the world
Left dazed and confused
Struggling at a dead end job
Where I'm not a name, I'm a number.

So while I still have some of my identity left
And that inkling in the back of my mind that says I should care
Let me just inform you,
You can be like me if you want to
I'll meet you in the drab gray part of life that they call the real world
You can do something and be someone.
The choice is yours
Just don't come crying when you become just another face in the crowd.



© 2002 by Kristin Cornet

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