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You are the Future What is left when you let go of your hopes and dreams? By my friend Kristin.

He/She Poem. Simple idea. Obvious to some, alien to others. (Warning: The idea expressed is likely to be offensive to someone.)

Marriage Poem. Those who can have it don't value it, those who vale it can't have it. Inspired by a comment by a friend of mine. (Warning: The idea expressed is likely to be offensive to someone.)

Memory of Light Poem.

Stay Nothing ever stays the same.

Tales of Terror

Passing on the Nightmare Ever read anything by H. P. Lovecraft? This disturbing piece by Miranda Shipley is like that - without the excess prose.

Stories for the mature reader

These stories contain elements of the supernatural and magic. They also touch on sexual situations in one way or another. Some merely acknowledge that sex exists, while in others sex is an important plot element.

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