Trevor Hamilton


Mortal: Feet clad in black sneakers, followed by white socks and bare legs, and a plaid /kilt/ worn with a clean white dress shirt. It being a "great kilt", narrow wedges of plaid emerge from under the belt of the kilt in front and back, meeting at the left shoulder where the two swaths are secured by a brooch.

Trevor Hamilton's maroon backpack, stylishly carried in one hand, complements the reds predominant in the plaid of his kilt, as well as the reddish hues of his dark hair. The outfit seems to suit Trevor well, though with his captivating appearance he'd probably look good wearing some muddy rags. While slim, he has enough muscle to be athletic rather than delicate. Trevor's eyes are bright azure blue.

Fae: To the fae, his outfit is similar to what mortals see, though of finer materials. The most notable differences are that his brooch now is obviously a lion, and that he has an dagger-sized sheath strapped to one ankle, which is empty when he's at school.

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