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Trevor Hamilton


Trevor Hamilton's father did well financially during the dot-com boom. Mr. Hamilton had always believed in working hard and had tried to instill the same sort of values in his son. However, success really brought out Mr. Hamilton's obsession with working hard. He spent long hours at work during the week and would go in on saturdays and sundays too.

Trevor had the unpleasant experience of watching his parents' marriage fall apart. By the time his father figured out that his family was more important to him than work, it was almost too late.

Trevor's father quit his lucrative job, sold off the stock he'd gotten for his former employer and vowed to stay home with his family. This saved the marriage and made them millionaires.

By this point the summer of 2001 was drawing to a close, and the school year started. By the second full week in September, Trevor had started to recover from the stress of his parents' near-divorce and was starting to again focus on his schoolwork. Of course by the end of the week, it seemed like everything had gone to hell.

It would have been hard to time things worse for Trevor. Not yet recovered from the past year's parental battles, the sudden destruction and horrible potential that there was even worse to come nearly unhinged him. He had horrible nightmares and was afraid or even terrified of a wide range of vehicles, people and even places. He missed a lot of school and work there suffered. If he hadn't had an above average intelligence he probably would have flunked. His social life, already suffering from the stress from his parents' past battles, was pretty much non-existent outside of school and his family. In brief, the school year was miserable, though things did gradually improve as time went by.

When summer rolled around, his parents decided they all needed a vacation. The family discussed various places and his parents decided on Europe. Trevor admitted he was scared by the idea of getting on a plane, but agreed that the experience should by good for him.

After a flight across the ocean that seemed to last forever, being on a plane didn't scare him any more, and the sight of Italian policemen with sub-machine guns at the Milan airport was actually reassuring to him.

They spent almost two months in Europe. Trevor's parents got Euro-rail passes for the three of them in Milan, and from there they went on to Florence and Venice. While Trevor wasn't too fond of Venice due to the stench from the canals, he did like when they went to the beach nearby. He was pretty much floored to find topless women on the beach. He did get over it eventually, especially after a some girls around his age, clad only in bikini bottoms, decided they were going to hang out with him.

After two years of little social interaction with his peers, he was rather awkward at first. Apparently they thought it was cute, for they spent a lot of time trying to make him blush ant tittering when he did. They even kissed him on the lips before they left at the end of the day. Despite this turning him bright red, he did enjoy the experience.

They traveled by train to Paris. There they visited monuments & museums, shopped, and ate in cafes. They went to London, Edinburgh and then headed off into the countryside to visit castles and battlefields. They stayed in small towns, ate in pubs and even met some locals who were sure the family was related.

The Hamiltons stayed and visited their long lost relatives for perhaps two weeks. Trevor was allowed to roam about with some of the kids his age. They showed him battlefields and a stone circle and taught him to play "football". A number of the local girls seemed to think he was cute, and they flirted with him.

The father of one of the girls owned the local pub, and she finagled a picnic lunch, including some of the local beer for the two of them and some friends. Trevor got a bit tipsy and french kissed a girl for the first time. And then a second time too. While things had started seeming a little odd, Trevor was having the time of his life. Another girl offered to french kiss him if he'd wear a kilt - regimental of course. She not only kissed him, but slid her hands under his kilt to grab his bare behind - later claiming it was to make sure he'd lived up to his end of the bargain.

By this point Trevor felt rather odd, almost like he was glowing. Not that he minded, especially after that last kiss. By this point, some of the guys were getting a bit jealous, so the girls decided whatever guys were willing to french kiss each other would get the same from one of them, but for only as long as the guys kissed.

Trevor and one of the guys a year or two younger than Trevor agreed to give it a try. Trevor wasn't sure he'd like kissing a guy, but the prospective reward was impossible to turn down. The two of them were hesitant at first, but Trevor started to enjoy it and the other guy seemed to get into it also.

The two of them went at it for quite a while. When they pulled apart Trevor was sure the other guy had goat's horns, but after a few moments the horns seemed to fade away.

The girl who kissed him next wore a plaid skirt and tasted pleasantly like the beer they'd had. She jammed herself up against him as they kissed. This closeness was at least as enjoyable as the kissing itself, as this sandwiched Trevor's formerly unnoticed erection between them, as well as her breasts. Apparently she wasn't wearing a bra, as Trevor could feel her nipples hardening as they kissed. She rubbed herself against him, slowly at first but with increasingly rapidity. This increased the intensity of the odd "glowing" feeling Trevor had been having with kissing and brought wonderful sensations to his sandwiched member.

The kissing pretty much broke off somewhere around there - not that either of them cared at that point. She shuddered against Trevor in the throes of a nipple orgasm, and about then things started looking weird again to Trevor. The one guy definitely not only had goat horns, but goat's legs too. He was also practically naked, with one hand wrapped around his erection as he and his girl kissed. Trevor shuddered against the girl he'd been kissing, and his world was never the same again.

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