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Notes on Trevor Hamilton's appearance and background have been put up in the Characters section of Roleplaying. 5/7/2003

Mature readers only Three more interludes have been added to Trevor's Tales. One takes place earlier in A Learning Experience and leads to Trevor Hamilton's decision to confess his feelings to Niko in the previously posted story of Niko & Trevor's Weekend, also found in Trevor's Tales. The other two interludes are colectively entitled Trevor's Tryouts and relate to events when Trevor trys out for the the fencing and football teams. 5/7/2003

Updated Otherworlds (the site's links page). 5/7/2003

A Character Sheet section that provides an off-site link to Black-Unicorn Wood's character sheet section. 4/20/03

Mature readers only The full story of Niko & Trevor's Weekend is now completly up. Niko Rayne is a Slugh and Trevor Hamilton is a Sidhe. Both are played in a game called A Learning Experience. 4/7/2003

Kerwin's Song was written for a roleplaying game a number of years ago. In the game the song was by - and about - Kerwin O'Donnal. 4/3/2003

Roleplaying What is it? Also material from roleplaying games. Includes a section on characters and material created for characters. 4/3/2003

Mature readers only Trevor's Tales in Stories for the mature reader. Trevor finds acceptance - and more. Trevor Hamilton is a Sidhe played in a game called A Learning Experience. 4/3/2003

He/She Poem. Simple idea. Obvious to some, alien to others. The idea expressed is sure to be offend someone. 3/23/2003

Marriage Poem. Those who can have it don't value it, those who value it can't have it. Inspired by a comment by a friend of mine. (Warning: The idea expressed is likely to be offensive to someone.) 3/23/2003

Memory of Light Poem. 3/23/2003

Stay Poem. Nothing ever stays the same. 3/23/2003

Demonology 101 Ever start at a new school? Or feel you might not fit it? As the site says, it's "an online comic about high school and other forces of evil." In the Otherworlds (Links) section. 1/16/03

Elfwood Fantasy and Science Fiction Art. The site hosts a large number of different artists. In the Otherworlds (Links) section. 1/17/03

Celtic knotwork dogs used as a horizontal divider


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