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Art - artists

Elfwood Fantasy and Science Fiction Art. The site hosts a large number of different artists.

FoxxFire's Webpage of Yiffy Furry Art Furry. Mostly nudes and adult art.

Frank Gembeck Fantasy and Furry art. This site includes adult art, which is almost entirely males.

Heather Bruton I've met her a number of times at Toronto Trek and she's a nice person. Fantasy and Furry art.

Lanthris: The World of Frank Gembeck Fantasy and Furry art.

PureYiff Adult furry art by various artists.

Vampyre: Night Mist Productions - The Art of Tristan Alexander Fantasy, SF & mythology, including a number of pictures of Herne/Cernunnos. Mostly nudes and adult. Almost entirely males.

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Art for sale

Stuff from FoxxFire | Powered by CafePress.com All PG material

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Rabbit Valley - Furry and Anthropomorphic Comics Buy stuff. Items for sale include a number of prints by FoxxFire.

Demonology 101 Ever start at a new school? Or feel you might not fit it? As the site says, it's "an online comic about high school and other forces of evil."

The Pantheon A webcomic. Funny, thought-provoking, irreverent. The site notes that "It is recommended for viewing by mature audiences".

The Belfry Comics Index Lots and lots of links to webcomics.

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Fan Fiction etc.

Bonus Parts Videogame fan fiction pieces and fan art too.

The Writer's Grove has a fan fiction section. It is part of the Black Unicorn Wood.

Free Speech

"The price for freedom is eternal vigilance." Thomas Jefferson

Electronic Frontier Foundation's Blue Ribbon Campaign

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Friends and Family

Mayumi's hompage

Chris and Midori's Homepage Includes a section on roleplaying.

Rois.org She moved to the other side of the country. Some of the stuff here is amusing.

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Most of the links deal with Role-playing games.

Eden Studios The Buffy the Vampire Slayer RPG and more.

Epiphany: The Chronicles of Glass Pines is an Changeling: the Dreaming play by email game. It is freeform and player run. This game is about Epiphany, how changelings get Glamour through developing muse/dreamer relationships. On the dark side it is about Ravaging and Rhapsody. The only rules are common courtesy, respect for your fellow players, you have to play at least as many mortals as you play Fae and only Fae and mortal characters are alowed.

Hero Games The makers of Hero Games 5th Edition, Champions and Fantasy Hero. With the Hero system you can create practically anything you can imagine - at least if your mean old GM would let you have enough points! (Fixed the link 7/2/03)

Knightshade3's Changeling Page is dedicated to Changeling: the Dreaming. While some of the page may be out of date, it does have information on a number of interesting characters created by a friend of mine.

Midori's Roleplaying Page Includes a number of good articles on gaming (under Life's A Die, and then You Bitch), as well as links to many of the games she's run. It is also part of the Black Unicorn Wood. It also includes a page for A Learning Experience, Play-By-Forum game for Changeling: The Dreaming. Read about the adventures of the heroes.

Ravenskeep has a lot of information on Changeling: The Dreaming.

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Games for the PC

Fallout Web Site - No Mutants Allowed For Fallout, Fallout 2 and Fallout Tactics.

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Black Tree Many figures I'd like to get. Ancients, Historical and Fantasy.

Amazon Miniatures Lots of neat figures. Ancients, Historical, Fantasy and SF.

Eureka Miniatures More neat stuff. Ancients, Historical, Fantasy &SF. Verify types

Foundry Beautiful but expensive. Ancients, Historical, Fantasy and SF.

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Miniatures - Buildings

Grand Manner Some nice pictures showing what you can do if you with what they offer. Make your own fortress and more. Some of the pictures are sizable, so it's not always the fastest loading site. Is it what you were thinking of?

Hirst Arts Fantasy Architecture Build almost anything . Molds for casting your own parts and instructions on how to assemble them into various buildings.

ARMORCAST - On-Line Catalog Buildings, bridges, ruins and landscape.

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Leslie Fish's Filksongs This page has links to a number of her songs. Leslie Fish is something of an anarchist who's written some sharp, biting lyrics about a number of different things that probably deserved what she gave them. She's a member of the Filk Hall of Fame.

"Hotel" Hayman: Judith, Dave, Jennifer and Richard Hayman's Virtual Home Some nice people from Toronto, Canada. Includes a discussion on "What is filk"

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BBC News World News brought to you by the BBC.

MDN: News on Japan as it happens Yes, it's in English.

Renaissance Festivals

While there are many more, these are ones I've actually visited. If music, shows, shopping or the opportunity to dress up appeals to you, visit a Renaissance Faire near you!

Sterling Renaissance Festival This one's been around a while. Near Syracuse, New York

The Ontario Renaissance Festival This one's relatively new. A bit south of Toronto, in Canada

Maryland Renaissance Festival It's big. I've been there once and I want to go back. Near Annapolis, Maryland.


VuePrint - Download I've been using VuePrint for years now. I originally got it to open pictures in mime format and it quickly became my standard viewer.

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Spirituality and Religion

Thought-provoking links, best viewed with an open mind.

Gnosis Magazine While there are no new issues, the back issues of Gnosis Magazine are still available.

The Moonoak Homepage Like it says above, thought-provoking.

Rowan Fairgrove's Home Page Actually, this page covers quite a number of different topics, but at least some of her site fits under this heading.

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